Jordan T. California

The Necessity of Gun Control

Mass shootings in America happen too frequently and the process of purchasing these deadly fire arms is all too easy. Other countries with control on guns face a smaller quantity of tragic massacres.

Dear Future President,

In 1791, over 200 years ago, the second amendment which gave Americans the right to bear arms was ratified with the Bill of Rights. In that 200 year span the advancement of guns is very apparent; automatic weapons that can shoot 25 rounds in 2.5 seconds make the amendment seem outdated as at the time rifles and muskets were much slower and could not kill a whole crowd in a minute.  200 years ago women did not have suffrage, racism was condoned by the government, and many other outdated laws existed. So why not look at the second amendment as it really is, as an old, dated amendment. 

Mass shootings in America are at such a high, there are websites where the sole purpose is to track the date, whereabouts, death rate, and injury rate of each shooting.  So far in October alone, from the 1st to the 10th, there have been 9 shootings with 12 deaths and 31 injured.  If our government can see these facts and not do anything to restrict access to arms, then there is a serious problem.  Our government forces schools teach us how to hide and have lock down drills in case of a gunman entering campus, instead of restricting access to guns.   

Instead, denying guns to those mentally unfit to own it and also those with histories of violence would be a better way to keep these children safe.  As a 16 year old I just got my drivers license and the process takes at least 6 months, theres an online course, then a written test, 6 hours of lessons, and a behind the wheel test.  If I need to go through all of this just to be able to get myself to school, then why can absolutely anyone walk into a gun store and buy a deadly weapon in less than 10 minutes.    

In conclusion, some kind of restriction or ban on guns in America would benefit every citizen, even those who object to it, as it will keep them safe.  Do not let more devastating mass shootings continue in America.  The sooner those who are unfit to own a gun don't own one, the sooner I will feel safer living in my own country. 


Jordan T.