Brandon i. California

Gun violence

Gun violence is a law in my world. Gun violence shouldn't be used at any time. Gun violence is a big issue. They are dangerous to use it.

Dear Next President,

Gun violence is a big problem at the United States because there are more people being killed by each other than there are being killed overseas and by terrorist attack. In 2016,40,348 people have been killed or injured by gun attacks, only 179 have been killed or injured due to terrorism in the unites states(Gun Violence Archive). My first reason is that Gun violence should looked upon very seriously because it is very dangerous type of violence. The penalty for gun violence murder should be raised to influence a person’s decision on pulling the trigger Murdering someone is ending someone's life, taking away from all that person’s friend and families, selling drugs, is just illegal The police should make a law about Gun violence in the united states. People should check bags, back weapons and pocket if anyone have weapon.

The second reason is that Every day, people have to suffer from gun violence. People wants gun to be illegal. They need to stop gun violence because hundreds of people die every year of gun violence and people don't want to be killed. People are being killed everyday from guns. People don't just want to die. They want to live every year, every day so that they can't be killed. People who has a gun, they should be unarmed and unloaded because it's very dangerous to have a gun loaded with ammo. Gun control is a big issue in the U.S.

The third reason is that Many people in the U.S. rely on firearms to keep them safe and protected in their homes. 31 people in the U.S. get killed by gun violence every day. Gun violence in the United States needs to be controlled better than the past year. In the past few years my family has purchased many firearms.


Brandon I.                                                                                         

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