Gavin P. Wisconsin

Gun Control

Gun Control. Good or Bad?

I believe that gun "control" shouldn't even be considered. If a ban on guns went into place, this country might become weaker. Or even worse, we would become even more vulnerable to stray dogs, badgers, porcupines, other wild animals, or even another person.

Nobody might want to say it, but in an emergency situation, a simple hand-held pistol could be the difference between life or death. If a person or animal were to attack you or even your family or children, no doubt about it someone is going to get hurt. The point of self defense is so that nobody in your group are the ones being hurt. Lets just say if Mike Tyson were to try and take your stuff, you can still defend yourself with a firearm! No way the average joe could take down a pro boxer. But with one bullet, you're children and you are going to be walking home unscathed.

Self defense isn't the only reason I have. recreational purposes also matter. in other words, fun. Fun is the thing that everyone has, but in tons of different ways. Some people like to read for fun, others might enjoy fishing, and some people like to, believe it or not, shoot guns. Handguns in particular. My father buys his guns used from smaller corner store because my family can't quite afford a brand new one from Cabela's. If a 25% tax on handguns were put into place, you bet he wouldn't be buying any more. On Saturday right after lunch, I just love obliterating Mountain Dew cans and chunks of firewood with a 9 millimeter. The same 9 millimeter my dad got on which, by the way might go out of buisness if these laws were made.

My third and final reason as to why gun taxes and bans should not be active, can be summed up into one sentence. Criminals don't follow the law. This might be a shocker, but any felon with any kind of black market contact, isn't going to pay your fees, or follow your laws, or care what you did or did not ban. If a ban or heavy tax is issued, the only people having to go through it are the people who actually treat them well and take care of them and buy them the legal way. The same average Joe that got mugged by Mike Tyson was going to buy a gun, but like my dad, couldn't afford it and as a result, was severely injured. Congrats America, it sure does sound like you're protecting people.

So, all in all, would a complete ban work? No. Would some heavy taxation work? No. If nothing will work, then what do we do about it? I say we don't do anything. At least for now, gun control is definitely not the worst thing in America. If you don't tax it or ban it, it's not going to be perfect, but it will do. If you decide to tax and ban us from things, it's going to be even worse. Plus its in the constitution. "The right to bare arms". A part of our freedom is guns. has an artile titled, "Freedom=Guns". Anyway, Good luck being President.

Sincerely, Gavin P