jared Minnesota

dear future prez

I hope that these thing racial discrimination, gun control, abortion can all be fixed in the next fue years

Dear Mr.President

I hope that you will be a good president but first i would like to tell you about a few things that I think might help us out and also you going into the oval office.

First i was thinking about abortion I don't believe in any kind of abortion myself. I think that it is just a girl murdering another human and not letting them into this world. I think that what they could do is at least go through the pregnancy and have the kid and then put it up for adoption . The only way i think that it would be ok is if they were assaulted and did not want to have sexual contact an, and so then they could have the baby killed inside them so that they don't have to go through an pregnancy and not be ready.

Another thing that they could work on is racial discrimination, the racial stuff that go through this world today. I think that they could be able to put cops through training so that they don't take their guns out and just shoot someone because if you look at what happened in ferguson the kid was shot and killed and the riots that happened through the rest of the two weeks were crazy. Another is just like the cop that shot and killed the guy in Minnesota they thought it was an white cop that killed him but really it wasn't.

And also the gun control I think that they need to be looking more into people's backgrounds when they go to buy a gun. they should be able to look and see if they have been in jail, and if so what kind of crime were they involved in and was it pretty bad. I also think that their should be more people that can carry guns if they go through a lot of training to be able to have the right to carry. One good thing that they had is with that off duty police officer down in Saint Cloud, Minnesota when they guy that was claimed by Isis, that went around asking if they were islamic and if not he would stab them. Then the officer had seen it and had the right to carry and was safe about it, took his gun and shot an terrorist trying to kill people, good thing he did this or more and more people could of been badly injured or even could of died.