Mahogany E. Louisiana

Justice For Young African Americans

This letter is mainly asking for some type of relief for the mothers and other family members of those who have been a victim of Police Brutality. These people only want some type of assurance that this is over so that their children want me afraid and also so that the retaliation can stop.

Dear Future President , 

                     Many families are heart broken and have been torn into pieces because of the harmful things that our police officers are doing . These people are seeking for justice because the harmful things keep happening repetitiously. There has not been anything done about the situation and that is whats causing the retaliation . The community is affected as well as the family , this has taking a tole on many people from all over the country. 

              Putting a stop to this or making a legal consequence might slim the quantity of the death rate of our Young African American man and women. The police are supposed to protect and service the community not killed someone because of the color of their skin , out of spite , or whatever the case may be . Police Officers are supposed to be our go to , not the people that we run and hide from or kill. Younger kids are confused and scared. They don't understand why things are happening the way that they are . Many people would just like to know when will it be over , what can we do as a community to help put a end to it , when will be safe . These events are harsh and not only painful to watch but just imagine experiencing it . 

                        Mr or Mrs President please that this letter into consideration before this issue spreads and get even more serious. These families are hurt and you are the only that can put your foot down and make a nation wide change. Those families need you to help lead them them in a positive way and guide them to a better future . Many people may not have the opportunity to write to you , so im using mine to ask for help for their benefit . 

                                                                                                             Sincerely,   Mahogany Faith England 

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