Katsu Louisiana

Racial Inequality needs to end

Everybody should be treated equally and nobody should be judged because of their race.

Dear future president,

Our former president, JImmy Carter, once said,”I say to you quite frankly, that the time for racial discrimination is over.” About 35 years later, racial discrimination is still a problem. Recently, there have been acts of racial discrimination such as police shootings. If we don’t end these acts now, I fear that there will be much more racial discrimination in the future. As our next president, I think you should end inequality between races.

To begin with, it is best to ease the tension between the black and white Americans because there have been recent problems with white officers shooting black civilians. For example, from January to August, there have been 38 shooting deaths of black civilians getting shot by white officers. This about a 50 percent increase from the amount of gunshots in 2015. According to one of CNN’s articles, it says, “The 38 shooting deaths from January 1 through August 26 represent a 58% increase over the number (24) for the same period in 2015.” Compared to the number of shootings last year, the number has gone up massively. This shows that a lot of police kill people because of their race. Additionally, as our next president, you should consider controlling protests that are based on race. For example, people are kneeling for the National Anthem to protest for the recent police shootings and the discrimination in this country. Many kids are protesting with the football players as well.On the other hand, the people who are against this protest are going a little out of hand. Some people who are against this protest are telling the people that it is a dishonor to the nation and that anybody who kneels for the National Anthem should die. According to one of the articles from the New York Times, it says, “ Internet comments included a call for coaches to be lynched and the children to be killed.” This shows that these protests have gotten a little out of hand. How could you get both sides back under control? Finally, there have been some problems with the Black Lives Matter movement. When a black civilian was shot by a police officer, a new protest formed.

In one article it says,”Black Lives Matter, a three-year old movement was birthed out of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.” People have been protesting in a mob and hurting many people; this protest is hurting our country more than helping it. Not only is the racial injustice hurting our country but, the people who are protesting against racial injustice are hurting our nation as well. Future president, please try to control these protests and help the United States from hurting itself.

Once more, future president, please make the nation a better place and fight for racial equality. If we don’t end this problem now, this could lead to a much bigger problem with not only white and black civilians, but other races as well. Hopefully, as our next president, you can end racial inequality.


Katsu K.

Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy

Gifted English Grades 6&7

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