Caroline B. Louisiana

Gun Control

As a President, there needs to be more education about all of what goes on with a gun, instead of having an ignorant viewpoint on guns. An education about guns will help this country protect their Second Amendment rights.

Dear Next President,

Gun control is a topic that most individuals have a distinctive opinion on. As Americans, it is our right to choose whether we own guns or not-that should not be taken away. However, many uninformed civilians are jumping to make sure that our Second Amendment right be removed. These uneducated voters are willingly letting the government take away their given right. On top of that, individuals that are in the dark do not fully realize how risky taking away this right could be.

Here many liberals would probably object that getting rid of guns would prevent criminals from obtaining and using them. In truth, we would be enabling these criminals to be able to do more harm. A criminal would still get a hold of a weapon for use. The only difference would be that there are now law abiding citizens unable to defend themselves and their families. Self preservation is an instinct in all humans, and that could be limited by a person’s opinion on a topic they do not know about. A study from Pew Research asked gun owners why they had guns, and 79% of gun owners say that having a gun makes them feel safer. Therefore, when deciding if Americans get to keep their right to bear arms, it has to be understood that you will be giving criminals more power against helpless citizens if you take away the Second Amendment.

Safety is a substantial factor of whether someone believes that guns should be in that hands of civilians or not. Most individuals who do not want people owning guns either have not been exposed to them or have had a bad experience. This is a result from negligence. In having these people learn proper safe handling of a firearm, opinions would most likely change. My aunt, a liberal, has never held, shot, or even been around a gun. She presumes that no matter what, a gun is hazardous. One afternoon, she called me, asking about how I could shoot a gun when they are so dangerous. After a long conversation, my aunt concluded that she had realized what good can come from a firearm. One important point, is that contrary to what many presume-a gun does not have to be used in a malicious way.

A firearm is no more fatal than a golf club, a knife, hammer, or baseball bat. Each of these possessions has its own specific purpose, but when used with malicious intent, each are equally fatal. Instead of taking away guns, Americans need to practice and make a habit of appropriate safety. Also, having expanded background checks for gun buyers, is a good add on for gun owners as well as citizens who want more strict gun laws. George Washington says it best: “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined.” Being disciplined(showing a controlled form of behavior) creates a stable environment, so that a gun does not disturb a situation.

In short, gun control will not help this country in the way many people believe it will. The Second Amendment should be kept as is. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon. Until there is a significant reason someone’s right should be taken away, everyone should be able to protect themselves and their families. As President, my request would be to make sure the public is informed so that they can protect their second amendment right.


A Concerned Citizen

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