Jojo Wisconsin

Gun Violence

People are being killed everyday from guns.

Dear Future President:

Gun violence is starting to be a big issue in our society. Guns have been a big issue for many years and we need to put a stop to it. There have been various cases of people being killed in gun fights, bystanders being shot by accident, protesting because police have shot people, school shootings and many more. 

Do we really want our society acting like this? Killing each other over little things? This is why we need to put a stop to it. Research shows that there are about 90 people who die every day from crime like these. As of December 23, 2015, 12,942 people have been killed by gun violence throughout the year. The number will keep going up if we donโ€™t do something about it soon. I believe that there should be a gun liability contracts that people have to sign or have if they were to own a gun or sell a gun to someone. So by having a law or contract like that, the person is now liable for that gun and anything that happens with it and they would be a fault for it. 

School shootings is another issue in our society. First of all, why do students have guns in the first place? Do their parents not know how to properly hide their weapon or lock them up safely where they know the kids can not get ahold of them? In 2013, 1,670 children from ages 1-18 have died from gun shots and an additional 9,718 were injured. We need laws that will take guns out of kids' hands and will reduce the amount of violence to children because of guns. 

Just by some of the facts and the statistics I provided and watching the NEWS we both know that gun violence is a problem and we need to put a stop to it. We need to have a law that no one should be able to carry a gun unless they have a concealed carry permit.