Eli H. Wisconsin

Illegal Immigration

I think illegal immigration plays a negative role in our country and this letter is about why.

dear president,


I find that illegal immigration plays a large act in our country in a negative way here's two reasons why. First, I find that they drag down people that are legally in this country. Second, I found out that along with hurting people legally in this country they are also doing bad for themselves.

Reason One

My first reasoning is that it drags down the people here legally in many ways here's a few. First,  according to www.fairus.org Costs 113 billion dollars for tax payers which makes people who are supposed to be here pay money for people that aren't. Second, There are businesses out there that only hire illegal immigrants, and due to lower pay it costs the business less causing the other one to go out of business. This is a big problem for businesses and people that are legally here trying to work at that business Census Bureau data shows that immigrants to the US had 100 million jobs gained from 2008 to 2010. Third, Mexico is a very drug and gang ridden society infowars.com shows me that Mexico says up to 28,000 people have been killed due to the drug cartel in Mexico. A large amount of those killings happened near the border, so why would we want that any where in our country.

Reason Two

My second reasoning is that it's bad for the immigrants as people and as a country. First, a video I watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dbtRF3bWzs shows that over 6,000 dead bodies have been found attempting to cross the border and those are parent's and their children's lives that shouldn't have been lost. Second, Since the illegal immigrants are still enabled to receive welfare it causes laziness, if illegal immigrants are getting handed things like money then what’s the point for them to work they just get lazy. Third, if the immigrant is coming into our country and is a good worker and helps out the country that's bad for where he came from because he could be supporting that country.