Nicole B. Wisconsin

College: The Most Expensive Step You'll Take

Growing up, we are taught that college is the next step in life after high school. The problem is, this next step costs us tens of thousands of dollars.

Dear Mr/Ms President,

I have always dreamed of college. My own dorm to decorate as I please, taking classes that interest me, being done with high school. Like many other people, not attending college was never a thought. You went to high school, graduated, and moved on to college. In 2012, Forbes reported people who go to a two year college only earn about $41,000 per year, while four year graduates earn around $55,000 a year(Davidson). Your college education determines your wealth for life in more ways than one.

The average public in-state college education costs about $9,000(Odland). In 1974, the cost was just $2,500(Odland). So, what in the world happened in the last 22 years? Our population happened. With more people to care for, states faced more problems. State budgets spread out their money more, leaving a smaller amount for colleges. Since universities cannot afford to lose money, tuition was raised.

59% of public college students graduate with student loans(Schoen). I feel that monitoring state education budgets could lower tuition costs. If you, the president, took control of education costs, more people would attend college. This would have many positive effects on our country.

If tuition didn't cost so much, more people would go to college. This would increase the quality of work being done in our country. With more employed people, more middle-class families would be created. This would boost our economy. 

With more people applying to universities, the competition will increase. This will give more high school students a drive to be the best and a better work ethic. High school students will push themselves to earn better grades. Now that they won't be competing only with people who can afford college, but with everyone no matter financial status, high school students will need to up their game.

Tuition needs to be lowered if our country expects its youth have an education. We need your help,  Mr./ Ms. President. Our generation does not want to worry about debt. We just want the affordable college education we have always dreamed of.


                                                                                                                     Nicole B.


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