Kayla Wisconsin

Lowering Tuition

Lowering tutiton will help more people have the chance to go to college.

Dear Next President,

As a future college student, I would like to talk to you about tuition. Tuition is so high nowadays and many have to live in student debt for the rest of their lives. Lowering tuition could mean a lot of different things. 

One of the things it could mean is, more people will be able to go to college and people will be able to further their education. This is very important because we won't lose numbers in our degree programs and jobs. For example, if college was expensive and there are a lot of high school students who want to be a teacher but can't afford college, they won't go. This means that we will lose numbers of teachers and the number of people teaching will go down overall. 

Another reason why it's important to lower tuition is because anyone who wasn't able to go to college in the past can go to college now because they would be able to afford it. Most years, colleges raise their tuition. Raising tuition will make more high schools students not want to go to college in fear of living in debt and not being able to pay off their student loans. As a high school student, this worries me, especially because what I want to go for (education) isn't a high paying job. This is why I think that our next president should focus on lowering tuition so that more people have a chance to go to college! 

Thank you for your time,