Nevaeh C. Wisconsin

Lowering the Drinking Age?

Some countries and states are saying that we should lower the drinking age to 18. I disagree on that because by lowering the drinking age it can cause many more alcohol related accidents, it can affect teens' school knowledge, and lastly if can cause irresponsible drinking.

Dear future president,

So many people die a year as a cause of irresponsible drinking. I think this is why we should NOT lower the drinking age. Also, 77% of Americans are against lowering the drinking age, and this is why.

First off, by allowing 18-20 year old to drink it causes more alcoholic traffic accidents. States that have lowered the age group to 18, experienced an increase in alcohol related deaths and crashes. By setting the drinking age to 21 it decreased the death percentage tremendously. It changed by 13% and saved around 21,887 lives in the years of 1975-2002.

Secondly, by allowing teenagers to drink it can affect their lives in academic ways. Teens who drink have a higher chance of academic failure. They can either get hungover and be late to school, not pay attention, or it can just brainwash them. By allowing teenagers to drink at age 21, it keeps them from drinking in school. Then they will be an adult and make their own decisions about drinking maturely.

To continue about drinking immaturely, when teens get a hold of alcohol they will abuse it. Alcoholic beverages are a privilege. Plus, if these teens are around younger kids they are setting a bad example. Also, younger kids might try to take alcohol because they’ve seen people who do it. One more thing about having alcohol in a teens hands is that younger kids will be able to take it and they can drink it. Which is not very good for them. Plus, when teens who are 18 can drink it also encourages kids younger than them because they think it’s alright.

A another thing is, in some other countries the drinking age is 18 and when people compare the deaths from their country to ours there is a very big difference.

Overall, I think that the drinking age should not be lowered for many reasons. It can cause many car accidents and multiple deaths, it can affect a teens’ academic knowledge, and it can also affect these teens’ families and friends. Plus, drinking at a younger age can lead you to be an alcoholic in father years in life.

Sincerely, Nevaeh C.

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