stephen m. Wisconsin

minimum wage

raising minimum wage ( for)

Dear future president,

I would like you to increase the minimum wage so that more people are living in the middle class.

If we did this then the economy would grow. It would boost GPA and would support job growth. Many people have done tests to see if there would be a negative outcome. After 64 tests they concluded that the companies would be able to support the increase in minimum wage.

The increase would also increase the amount of household spending. Because of the increase in minimum wage people would be able to spend more on food and clothing etc… which would go to the companies they buy from.

Right now 14.5% of people are living in poverty with this increase in minimum wage they could live a salary from Mcdonald's, Taco bell etc.. They could afford much more like a big apartment or a small house. They would have a much better standard of living.

In 1934 Henry Ford said that “ low wages are the most costly thing an employer can pay it is like using low grade materials the waste makes it expensive in the end.”

If you think that only the rich or powerful can make change then you are wrong.