Mercedes Wisconsin


Immigration is a big problem in the U.S today. Even though people are in the US illegally, they should be treated as humans.

Immigration is a big problem in the U.S today. The government has said that it has fallen to 11 million immigrants legally living in the United States today. I understand immigrants coming from Mexico is a big problem because there are a lot of people coming here illegally. Even though people are in the US illegally, they should be treated as humans. In my experience, many families coming from Mexico usually have the father coming to support their families. They send money back to Mexico, where their families still live. My grandfather came to the US from Mexico many years ago for that reason. Since then, he has become a citizen. If it wasn’t for him, his father wouldn’t have been able to survive as long as he did because of the medical costs.

Many people believe that immigrants are taking away jobs, but this is not true. There are so many myths that people say about immigrants that come from Mexico illegally are taking their jobs . If you think about it there are a lot of jobs that use social security numbers which they don't have so if you are an american citizen you have more opportunities to get jobs. My grandfather has been working hard for years to support his family when he was illegal it was hard for him to even get a job. He works with people that are American citizens. He tells me they don't do much and that he is always doing the work. He didn’t understand why people are complaining if they never do anything. They have so many opportunities that they don't even care about and take for granted.

Another factor people need to understand is that immigrants bring children with them sometimes or have children that were born in the US. According to “What Happens to a Child After a Parent is Deported,” young kids parents are getting deported and they are being forced to live with other relatives. They could take their children back with them, but they want them to have a better life. They could go to school and get a better job. When families are separated it is hard for the parents and the kids. It says it has a big impact on the child it leads to kids having depression anger problems. It's a hard choice for the parents to let their kids go and hard for the kids to let their parents go but they want their kids to get a good job and education like they have never had growing up . So remember there is way more to people who are called immigrants” they are human beings / people that just don't take jobs and do no good as people say They do it for their families just like you would do.