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Immigration in America

Immigration in America

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

I am a resident of Albuquerque, NM, and I am writing to discuss the problems involving Immigration. As we all know Immigration is a problem inside our country, and it has been a problem that every president has tried to solve at least once. Around 11.5 million immigrants reside in the U.S. today As far as we have come to solving this issue, one could believe that it’s the kind of problem that just cant be solved. I do know that one of you is really big on closing all borders and being very strict when it comes to letting people into America while the other is very committed to having open borders. Now both ideas are great, and they both have sensible outcomes but then again one can turn out worse than the other. Now, I think having closed borders and being very strict about who comes into our country is a good idea because it eliminates the problem a little bit and lets us focus on other things that we need to fix. It is estimated that 720,000 immigrants come into America each year. That said, other idea is having open borders and letting whoever wants to come in, come in. The problem with this idea is that even though we are giving immigrants the opportunity to live in America without it being illegal and basically offering them a fresh start is that I think it will open up more opportunity for crime and having a lot more homeless people on our streets than we already do which doesn’t look good on us.

I have some ideas on how to solve this problem and what we can do to stop immigration over all. A lot of what I am suggesting is what a candidate has mainly talked about. What I think we could do to solve this problem is to first of all have strict rules when it comes to letting people into America. What I mean by strict rules is that we should specifically choose whom to let into America based on their past and who they are. I’m not saying that we should only be strict when it comes to Muslims, what I’m saying is that we should be strict to everyone no matter what their race is. I think that this will really clean up our country when it comes to the American community and our overall reputation as a country. I also think that doing this will also open up a lot of opportunity for trade because more country’s will want to trade with us knowing how good of a country we are. Now we shouldn’t only be strict when it comes to letting people in, we should also be strict when it comes to our overall border and how secure it is. We cant just let people hop our borders because it gives us a bad reputation as a country that is easy to get into if you ever wanted to.

In conclusion, I think that immigration is something that can be solved if you know what to do and what works. Obviously immigration wont ever be 100% solved due to millions of immigrants currently living in America along with the hundreds of thousands that continue to enter each year. One of the obvious issues is immigrants coming into America because our borders aren’t very secure in many areas along the Mexican, American border. The right president for the job would also have to be elected. One president is for open borders and isn’t a very big deal to them while the other is for very strict, closed borders along with a long path to citizenship. In order for immigration to be brought to a minimum, strict actions have to be taken to prevent it. If these actions are not put in place then immigration will get worse. Not only will it get worse but the crime rate will go up.