Caleb M. New Mexico

Gun Rights

My Opinion of gun rights is that people should keep their weapons for Personal defense.

Dear Future U.S. President,

My name is Caleb; I live in Albuquerque New Mexico, and I am a student who is concerned about gun control.  In my opinion, certain people want to place gun control on U.S. citizens because the people want to take away the right on, “You have to bear Arms”, the second amendment makes America safe. I have heard that people want gun control because some want to believe it is safer and a lot less people will be killed every year because some think this is the number one killer in the United States of America.  However, I do not think this is true because of the U.S car crashes are the number one killer. Car crashes kill millions of people each year even more than the added losses of all the world wars, surprisingly there is no right to take away cars. If the government takes away vehicles and cars, this will cripple the natural resources we get and the manufactured goods that are transported, as well as military transportation and cripple the the Economy of the U.S.

In the same way, if we take away the right to bear arms we lose the right that the founding fathers gave us to defend ourselves if needed. Let’s say that a bank in Washington D.C. has been robbed and no one could defend themselves from the attack; the robber was armed and started shooting at random civilians and the Police are working on undercover operations, who would stop the Robber, unarmed Civilians or the police who cannot leave the area where the operation is taking place. Let’s give another example Isis has invaded the U.S. borders and the Military is in a training session who would push back the Isis invaders, obviously all we are left with are unarmed Civilians, armed police and Swat teams. Due to the Civilians being unarmed the Police and Swat teams cannot hold a defensive line forever. We could even lose our Country through attacks inside our country by terrorist groups this has happened before when the Roman empire became weak and the the Wild Gulls of the north or warlike tribes from west of the old world of the west attacked the capital city forcing Rome to fall. Another example during the time of the Vietnam war people protested through violence and the Civilians did not defend themselves from violent protesters and as a result thousands of people that brought no harm have died in one major protest in Boston.

I also think we need to take better precautions in storing firearms, because this is how robbers, burglars, and terrorists are getting weapons. When storing weapons we should have a gun safe handle, so no one steals the firearm and causes problems within our country. The robbers and terrorist are growing stronger due to the precautions not being made. There are more facts that contribute to gun control, because other countries that have gun control tend to have more crime because the Citizens cannot defend their life or country, and the criminals have a larger chance from escaping police because no fear is given to the criminals that are stealing and even murdering people who work hard to earn a living. I congratulate you on your presidency and hopefully you take these recommendations. Sincerely, Caleb M.