Wendy P. California

Crossed with a Purpose

Let immigrants be a part of the American dream.

Dear Mr/Ms.President,

           You will have many problems and situations to look over your many years of presidency. I'm sure you've heard about this one multiple times in the past too, but it's still a giant problem in our country that affects those in and outside the United States of America. Personally this problem has come across more than a few times in my life and it is time for you to help me and those with this same difficulty in their lives.

          Once a month, my family goes to the liquor store to send money from our savings to my family in Mexico. Once a month, we have to communicate with all of my family through a phone call or text because my brothers, parents and I are the only ones from my whole family who live here in the United States and can travel to Mexico. More than once a week, I go through my families friends having to pray or hope that the police car near does not stop them and gets them to get deported.

         Immigrants not only from Mexico, but from all over the world come for a better future and opportunities that this amazing nation can bring to us. Only, it doesn't feel so amazing when immigrants, who let me remind you are still humans and not any different than any other person, feel so threatened to go anywhere because they fear to be attacked, harshly separated from families or taken back to the place they started. Lots of these immigrants cross lands for multiple days with limited resources and leave our families behind to do the best for them.

          Immigrants like Mexicans go through some horrible insults simply because they are from a different country. They are told they are unwanted since apparently they are viewed as people who bring lots of crime to the states. We all know though, people commit crime all over the world, immigrants or not. If that’s a problem concerning, then you could simply not legalize those who had committed a serious crime either back at home or once in the country.

          We are told immigrants are taking jobs away from those who are citizens. Sadly, what should be concerning others is the quality of work given instead of who does it. I am sure if you could choose, you would definitely not put a citizen who does not want to do their job and won’t mind leaving it unfinished, instead of someone who is willing to put their full effort into what you would want them to do, even if they are immigrants. I am not saying citizens are lazy, but I am saying there’s people out there that don’t put the same amount of dedication in what they’re suppose to like immigrants would. Immigrants are not here to make people feel unwanted but in fact, simply help themselves out by working hard. Finding a job can be difficult for them most of the time because they don’t have a high school diploma or college degree, but people like my father who thankfully did get both of those things, either way had to work the mornings before school started which took time out of school to maintain things that shouldn't be a priority to people starting at young ages. Challenges like that have gotten in the way of education of some people and it’s not them to put the blame on.

          Families like mine, are also here for an education. My mother and father want my siblings and I to have an exceptional future and to be successful in life and thankfully we can but there’s families whose children can’t go to college even though they have perfect scores, and are more intelligent than you can imagine just because they don’t have a legal status.

          There are some immigrants who could take advantages of the rights given to them if they were to get legalized, but consequences could be given because the majority of those people who have not badly used those rights are simply trying to keep their families going and have a successful life. Sadly if the amount of immigrants in the United States keep getting deported through 2016, then “... about 3.2 million people will have been deported” (NYDailyNews.com). That's millions of peoples dreams and future disappearing for them.

           So Mr/Ms.President, I ask you to view things our way and consider a path for immigrants to be legalized. We are not defined by what we may seem like, and we certainly deserve the rights everyone else is given. We have a lot to give and show to this country, and together we can make it the best possible. 

Santa Clara High School

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