Lee S. Virginia


We need more secure borders in the United States

Dear President,

Today in the 21st century, we have an interesting dilemma on our hands. According to “The Week”, the United States has approximately 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. The problem is that immigrants are in this country when they shouldn't be, and there are people that say they should just be allowed in the country without any consequences or checks to see if they're dangerous.

Laws are made to be obeyed, and we have a system here in the USA called “Rule of Law”, which means that everyone is bound to the same laws, and punishments for breaking laws are equal no matter social status or government position. I find it astonishing that people find something called illegal immigration to be a good thing, because it even has illegal in the name. There are some upsides to illegal immigration, such as cultural benefits and higher production rates in certain areas, but I feel like the negatives outweigh the positives. Some negatives include the threat of terrorism and crimes from undocumented immigrants and the jobs that are being taken away from hard working Americans and given to illegals that will work for cheaper than minimum wage which take away from low level manual labor job opportunities.

Refugees are a much touchier subject than immigrants from Mexico, because of the threat of being called a racist or a xenophobe. Not all refugees from the middle east happen to be terrorists, but some are. This has been proven as after countries allow refugees in their borders, terrorism increases. Also, many recent attacks of terror have been claimed by ISIS, a middle eastern terrorist organization that could be slipping people into the refugees to harm Americans. Many people believe that all refugees should be accepted into the country, but that is an invitation for bad things to happen. We need to not be so politically correct all the time, and people coming from that section of the world need to be examined before being let into the country and given citizenship.

Personally, I believe this country needs border reform and heightened security, but not necessarily a wall as Mr Trump suggests. I think a wall would be more of a symbol of no illegal immigration than something that would actually work because,"Almost 40 percent of all (undocumented) immigrants come by plane and they overstay their visas." I also don't believe in all illegal immigrants in the US now getting citizenship, but I believe the road to citizenship should be more easily accessible for all people. It shouldn't take 2 years before you get reviewed for potential citizenship, and immigration lawyers shouldn't charge up to $15,000 for helping a client through the green card process, because most immigrants won't make enough money to support their families and pay the lawyer. Speeding up this process will cut the costs the immigrants need to pay. This is how we will truly make America great again.


Lee S.

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