Long. N. New Mexico

Gun Control

More Laws to stop people from obtain a gun.

Dear Future President:

I am a sophomore student in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I write this letter to let you know why should have more laws to stop people from obtaining guns easily. As I researched the second Amendment said we can keep and bear fire arm, but these law allow crime to own fire arm under second Amendment .

There were total 464,033 gun deaths, 270,237 suicide and 174,773 homicide in 1999 to 2013. Last Year the number of death related to gun were 13,286 exclude suicide, it less than in 2013 but it doesn't stop. I believe more restriction to firearm the number will be decrease more than last year. I see firearm as an dangerous weapon with massive power and can be obtain easily by now, why are we decided to sell these just to protect our self when we have other weapon that safer and not kill the target. The report from the FBI said there were more than 15.2 million firearm sales last year, in my opinion the more gun were sales the higher chance someone will get kill in the U.S. To reduce the gun violent I think we need more background check on people have mental illness's, and restrict weapon from people with criminal record, or just ban these weapon from the U.S. and used in military only.

Thank you for be our new president. Thank you for reading my letter. I hope you look forward to work on this and save more innocent lifes.


Long N.