Trey D. New Mexico

Legalizing Marijuana

The United States of America should legalize Marijuana because in the states that have legalized Marijuana,it has shown that the taxes from the plant are being put into are schools and are helping the schools dramatically.

Dear Mr/Mrs.President 

               I am a sophomore in high school, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My issues why we haven't leagalized marijuana. I feel like we should legalize a class 1 drug that should not even be in the same catagory as meth. One thing is that you can't get addicted the only thing your really getting out of marijuana is a high that lasts a couple of hours. People say you can get addicted to the drug, but you really can stop at any time you want and not have side affects after you've been done taking the drug. People that are older don't really understand that the drug really does nothing wrong. In Colorado, last year, about 700 million dollars profit was created and put into schools. 

             Here are some facts about marijuana that I would like you to know about. The two states that have made sufficient amounts of profit of legalizing marijuana have given back to what the states need, as in schools, government and it mostly goes to schools. The thing about marijuana is that it is optional to but the drug and its and optional tax. So people don't have to fund the drugs but these states are using the drug to help there community. In 2010 52% of arrests were related to marijuana, but in present time people have legalized marijuana and the arrest number has gone down because there focusing on even worse crimes than people having or smoking marijuana. 

            I look forward to seeing you work with all government types and policeman all in between i hope you liked reading this and really want to enjoy these next 4 years as you being president. I feel like our next president should have serious thoughts about legalizing marijuana. Run our country well. 

           Sincerely , Trey D