Tanner Iowa

Illegal Immigration

I think illegal immigration is a big problem in our country and we need to fix it.

Dear President,

Hi, my name is Tanner. I am writing about the immigration problem in America. Mainly from the southern border.

According to several different sources there are over 11 million illegal immigrants in our country right now. For every 100 people in the US there are about 3 illegal immigrants. Our country’s population is growing by over 700,000 people per year. Along with the immigration problem there is also a drug smuggling one. Immigrants from our southern border are bringing about $10 billion worth of drugs each year.

The most common reason people come across our border illegally is to find a better life. Some may come to find jobs, escape war or natural disasters, or for religious reasons. Although this is probably the most common cause it’s not the only one. Some people come and bring bad things with them. To make sure people don’t bring the bad things into the country we need to secure our borders and I think we should do background checks on everyone who wants to come in the country, and if they have a criminal past, they should not be allowed in. One way we could secure our southern border is build a wall like Donald Trump suggested.

Although some immigrants come across the border to find better lives as I mentioned earlier, some are bringing weapons, drugs and violence. Some people are being affected by losing their jobs to illegal immigrants. This can happen because businesses can pay illegal immigrants less than the minimum wage so the people’s jobs they took get laid off or fired. In Texas, just under 1,300,000 jobs have been taken, and in California over 1,850,000 jobs have been taken by illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration costs the country about $113 billion a year. We can fix this, also, by securing our borders.

I think we should deport all the illegal immigrants to their home countries. However, some people may believe in different things like amnesty which basically means they that they forgive you on anything in your past and show you the path to citizenship. One example of somebody who believes in amnesty is Hillary Clinton. She believes that there should be a path to citizenship for all of the illegal immigrants in our country, and she says it would be impractical to deport them.

Thank you for your time and consideration.