Nick P. New Mexico

The Environment

my thoughts on environmental issues

     Hello Mr. or Mrs. President,

my name is Nick, and I am a student in New Mexico, a state that has definitely been affected by environmental issues, as we have bad droughts. I think we need to move as quickly as possible away from using fossil fuels and move closer to more energy-efficient and cleaner solutions, like electric cars and solar energy, and also that you should use our taxes to fund research on alternative energy solutions, because the quicker we find out how to make other energy solutions reliable and efficient, the quicker America, and our world as a whole, will be clean.

     Maybe we can solve this by switching to renewable energy, instead of using fossil fuels, as soon as possible. Did you know that Americans dump around 16 tons of sewage into their waters everyday? We need to stop being so wasteful as a society, and recycle more.