Reggie E. New Mexico

Gun Rights

I believe gun rights in the United States is people should be able to have guns and even in The Bill of Rights in the second amendment it states "the right of the people to keep and bear arms...shall not be infringed." But there should be strict rules on receiving your right to have a gun.

Dear Future President,

As we all head into the future together and endure the good and bad things to come, you may think of protecting your citizens, and to prevent any harm to come to our great nation, but what if citizens only have their own trust for them and their families safety. Gun rights may be abolished soon depending on what you change or get rid of, but I know for citizens being able to have a gun legally is a right in the second amendment in the Bill of Rights, “the right of the people to and bear arms...shall not be infringed.” Not every person in the U.S. is not fit to wield a gun and cause harm to people, there are plenty enough of American people who want to protect themselves with a gun and they have obtained it legally through the state. I think having a gun should still be a right as always and any citizen who is capable should be able to get a license.

Gun rights should still be legal to have, but they should be harder and more extensive to obtain legally. I think back-round checks on people should be more extensive to checking their mental state of mind. Mentally disabled people are able to receive guns, and the only accidents that happen are when not capable or able people have a gun and cause harm to other people. The people that have guns may leave it around and other people, maybe their kids or any family member can get it and that’s also when harm is caused but to fix that, there should be a law to keep your guns secured and away from minors or any other person not suited to wield the weapon. The right to bear arms is important for our own personal safety.

Thank for your time. I hope you consider my thoughts into yours and favor the right to bear arms. When no one but yourself can protect you at the moment we should have something to help for our safety. The acquiring of the license should also be changed to more strict and extensive for everyone. Will you consider the right to bear arms and safety of your people?


Reggie E.