Rachel T. North Dakota

Letter to the next president


Oct 31st, 2016

Dear Future President:

My name is Rachel T Ca and I live in North Dakota. I am writing you to ask where does my future president stand on gun-control legislation? I see a few surveys showing that most of the Americans (92%) supports the gun laws, and I have to wonder if my leader is one of them. According to the 2nd Amendment, people have right to "bear arms", but I think that it is the serious loopholes in our laws which make it so easy for dangerous people to get guns. Even laws were made to protect people but with this Amendment, it's threating people's right to live, to go, to stay in safety and to interact in public without fearing of harm. Over several years, the number of gun murders in US is nearly 12,000 a year and it has the sign of increasing. You might already know a North Dakota police officer, Jason Moszer was shot while doing his duty earlier this year, which makes me think about the gun-control more seriously. In my opinion, I think we can change the requirements of buying guns tighter. For example, if they're a suspected terrorist, they should not be able to buy a gun or their purpose of buying gun is unclear and the government has right to track buyer's behaviors. So, could you create a bill for covering this loophole in the gun rights?

I appreciate your help on doing what is right for the people of the United States and ask that you please send me a response letting me know where you stand on gun-control issue and if you are able to help preventing the numbers of gun violence from increasing. I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Thank you for your time and considering my letter.


Rachel T Ca 

West Fargo

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