Braden V. North Dakota

National Debt

National Debt As Known By A Millennial

Dear Future President,

I wish to address a situation you are or will be very familiar with. As a high school junior in North Dakota, I haven’t had extensive experience with money issues, but I am aware of what debt is. I know that my parents are saving for an education at a school, but I have yet to choose a career. I know that I will be paying off loans with money I am currently wanting to use for pleasure shopping. I know that America has bigger problems than how to balance homework and a social life. I also know that the national debt is an issue.

When my generation becomes legal adults and are pushed into a world created by choices we had no direct say in, the leaders of the world today should listen to us because we are tomorrow’s leaders of the world. Our collective experience and first-hand knowledge of government programs and national debt is limited, but we have been taught the basics of budgeting by our parents. According to the United States Government Accountability Office, some government programs, like the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), do not demonstrate the effectiveness to justify the amount of funding provided. 8 million dollars, the average annual cost of the TSA, is a large amount to the majority and an especially unimaginable amount to those of my generation.

I know that an increase in income to solve an excess in spending is unrealistic and childish but, let me state again, I am not an adult and I have yet to fully understand the concept of restricting accommodations that I am used to. I do understand that there are people who can afford to always have those things and more. Debt cannot be resolved by simply making more money because debt can still continue to grow, but at a lower rate, making it a problem for generations like mine.

The intimidating concept of national debt is one that I will openly admit I do not fully comprehend, and many of those my age know even less. From what my life has taught me and the information I have as of now, the national debt is going to continue to be a problem for a very long time. America won’t be able to win the lottery and have all finances irrelevant overnight. A combination of prioritizing government programs and increasing taxes on those who can afford it seems to be the logical first step to preparing my generation for a richer America in more ways than one.



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