Garrett B. North Dakota

Keeping Marijuana Illegal

Why we shouldn't legalize marijuana and how it effects people.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President

According to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) 9.5% of the people that were surveyed had smoked marijuana in the last year, 2.9% have smoked it for medical purposes. The point is that more people use marijuana for their own pleasure than for medical purposes. 42% of americans are against the legalization of marijuana.

We should keep marijuana illegal because it affects everybody differently. Marijuana is also a waste of money if people use it for recreational purposes. Marijuana in many eyes is a gateway drug, people start smoking it and they get addicted to the high and hear that something else has an even better high and they try the new one and get addicted to that drug. When people are high they get very lazy and do not want to do anything. Marijuana will most likely increase the obese rate in the U.S. because people a crap load of food when they’re high. I have had this with my brother who did drugs when in high school, he did a lot of drugs and he wouldn’t come home at night and when he was home he was very angry all the time.

People that see on the other side say that it relieves stress and that they just enjoy the feeling. Many things relieves stress other than smoking something that is illegal and something that people would rather spend money on a drug then buy the necessities to live with. You can’t get many jobs without having to take a drug test and then you have to go work at some low pay job too and when you have a low paying job you can’t get your necessities while still trying to get more drugs.

There are many people that want to legalize marijuana, but a lot of those people do not understand the full effect if we did legalize it.. Marijuana is a gateway drug and as soon as people think marijuana is fine for you they will get the high and want a better high, so the rate of the bigger, worse drugs will be increased. It is only common sense to keep drugs the way they are… illegal.

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