Logan K. Colorado

Gun Control

Dear Mr. President I am sure that other people have brought this to your concern but there is not enough gun control in America. There is more shooting in America that any other country and it needs to be stopped at once! People lost loved ones and even sometimes their lives and it is for the gunman's benefit like they put guns to people's heads just to get for example a phone or a camera. Plus, when that happens people sometimes lose the items that they spent a lot of money for, even if it is a piece of junk it might be all they have and when that happens people might just give up on life. Also, many companies that manufacture guns are being shut down because of what those people do, and when that happens people lose their jobs so they need to get another job that they might not like or they are not good at it. Sometimes then people will not be able to get another job so they cannot make money, therefor their life was ruined. But, it was not their faults and was unreasonable. Sincerely, A 7th grader

America is already great and I like it that way so you better not make any BIG changes!