Austin R. North Dakota

Coal Power Plants Shutting Down

Coal power plants are forced to shut down to EPA rates

Dear Future President,

Future President, what are you going to do about coal power plants shutting down? In North Dakota our jobs are in coal and oil. I know lots of people in my class that have their parent’s will either get laid off or fired. I don’t see why we can’t slowly put in wind towers and slowly decrease coal and oil. I know of one plant that is going to shut down this year.

North Dakota is the second leading oil producer in the United States of America. This will kill our economy. Same with Texas. By 2030, they want to reduce emission by a third of 2005 levels. More than 36 Plants will be forces to shut down as a result of EPA rates and regulations.

So, future President, we cannot continue to make enemies of coal power. You will destroying small towns. We must work for our coal jobs. We need to improve our technology to decrease our emissions. With that said, we shouldn’t shut down our coal.

A True American ,