Sydne H. North Dakota

Letter to the Next President

My letter is about making this country better and reuniting it.

The Next President

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear future president:

This country has many problems. I chose two of them: illegal immigrants and to bring this country together. I believe they are important. You should fix those.

One problem are the illegal immigrants. I think this is a big issue. Some people think they should be able to come over to this country. I think they shouldn't be able to. I think this because there’s many reasons. One of them is that they bring crime. Many of them have a criminal record and have been arrested multiple times. They also take jobs away from Americans. I think that's wrong because we are U.S. citizens. Another reason is because it costs Americans a lot of money to have them live here. They don't pay taxes and they also get free benefits. Some of them are education, healthcare, housing assistance, and food stamps. Another big one is there's several people waiting to be legally admitted to the United States, some on there for many years. Illegal immigration mock those people's ideas to rules and our country's sovereignty. There is so many things wrong about this issue that it needs to be handled correctly.

Another problem is that our country isn't united. You should bring the United States together again. The president we have seems to just create problems. One of them is causing division among the races. There is also millions of people that are unemployed because of the way Barack Obama has been leading. Another problem is never ending wars. We are always fighting in other countries but he should be promoting peace. He should be more willing to work together on problems instead of getting mixed up in other countries issues. Our country would be much better off if the president actually cared about the people who live here. We would have less problems if he did so.

The two problems I chose are the illegal immigrants and that our country isn't united. You should address those issues. The future of our country lies in its effectiveness in solving these difficulties. We can make this country great again.


Sydne Horning