Summer m. New Mexico

Gay Marriage

I believe that everyone should have the right to marry their loved one.

Dear future president,

My name is Summer; I am a student in high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I very strongly believe that everyone should have the right to be who he or she are and marry there loved one; they should have this right in every state. Though the law was passed for gay marriage as a right in the U.S and 37 other states including Washington D.C it is still not legally passed in the 13 other states. What can we do to get this law passed in those 13 other states? The percentage for approval of gay marriage has increased from 27% to 60% from 1996 to 2015; that is what has helped the law get legally passed in most of those states.

I am concerned about this topic because I have gay friends and family who I support. And without the gay marriage law being legally passed in all 50 states there are always going to be people who have to hold back on who they love, and hide who they are just for the happiness of others who have a problem with gay marriage. In my opinion I think its really insensitive, and discriminating to those who may be gay. No one deserves to be put down or judged just because of who they are or who they like/love. I also feel that if this law does get passed that the level of discrimination and bullying will increase tremendously, because of those people who do not approve of this, but my question is why does this bother you so much? Why is it such a "disgusting" thought to think about or see 2 of the same sex together? If it doesn't concern you which in most cases it really won't unless its you in the marriage it self then why is it such a big deal? I strongly feel that very person in the work should be able to express who they are weather they are gay or not without getting put down and judged for it. I all do anything in my power to help this law get passed in the rest of the 13 states so I'm asking that you do the same help this become for a lot of people a dream come true.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope you consider and think about trying to get the gay marriage law passed in the 13 states that it isn't legal in, and help those people who may be gay to be happy with the person they love.

Sincerely, Summer M