Djenis Illinois

Dear Next President,

It's pretty easy to get guns in Chicago, and we should do something about it.

Gun violence is one of the major problems in United States. A majority of people, especially young adults, lose their lives due to gun violence. In the year 2016, 39,757 deaths by gun violence were recorded. For example, according to CNN, there was this little boy who was 10 years old. He was just walking to the park with his dad when a group of gang members pulled up and started to argue with his dad. The little boy tried to get his dad away from them, but the dad pulled a gun to defend his son and the gang started shooting. The boy was dead on the scene because of some gang members who were on drugs and had guns on them. 

Due to gangs, Chicago violence is getting worse and worse. It's really easy to buy guns because the gun laws are not strong enough. It’s too easy to buy a gun. 

We should follow through on some of President Obama's ideas: a background check for all guns for sales; an assault-weapons ban, a 10 round maximum for magazines, and strict enforcement of law against “straw purchases” for guns. 

I have a couple of other ideas of my own on how to stop the shootings. A really good idea would be if Chicago made some activities outside of school such as just playing basketball, soccer and other sports. Every day they play, incentives such as prize money should be made available for the best team.