Braxton T. New Mexico

Global Climate Change

Human-produced gases are causing extreme climate fluctuations, causing trouble for most if not all life on Earth.

Dear Future President, 

Over the past 40 to 50 years, Earth's climate has been rising in temperature quite drastically. Some argue this may be natural fluctuations, but the temperature is increasing at such an alarming rate that attributing this change to nature without further explanation would seem like a blind guess. The truth is, this fluctuation in temperature is due to human-produced gases, trapping heat in our atmosphere. Not only is this causing our planet's temperature to increase  (approximately 1.4F since the early 20th century) but it's also slowly killing us, and all life on the planet. As someone who plans to become a Marine Biologist, I'm heartbroken to hear about the "death" of the great barrier reef. Coral is one of Earth's most delicate and fragile life forms, affected by minor fluctuation in salt consistency in the water, and of course, temperature. The slightest fluctuation in temperature can lead to what we've seen with the Great Barrier Reef. Coral is only the first to suffer from this increasingly important issue, and it needs to be addressed, much sooner than later.

Through the mid 1900s, temperature fluctuation was very minimalistic. However, around the '80s and '90s, large climate fluctuations began. since then, the temperature has been rapidly increasing, and our human-produced gases are not helping. burning fossil fuels in factories has increased the carbon dioxide levels of our atmosphere drastically, holding in heat. You could attribute this to more heat produced by the sun, however since 1978, a series of satellite instruments have been measuring the energy output of the sun. As it turns out, the amount of energy produced by the sun is actually lower than it has been in the past. Given all this information, I do hope you understand how serious this issue is, and how serious it will become in the coming years. 

Thank you for taking my subject of interest into consideration, and I hope you address this issue and do something about the excessive amount of fossil fuels burned off here in America. With technologies improving, and electric cars becoming more practical, I believe that with your help we can stop this rapid increase in temperature, and make our country - and world, a much better place. Congratulations on your work in this election, and I hope you do great things with your time in office. 

Sincerely, Braxton T.