Emily C. Oklahoma

Illegal Immigration

Deporting illegal immigrants separates children from their parents.

Dear Future President

Children that are born in the U.S. get a automatic citizenship even when parent are not from here.people who have children one of the parent has to leave and the other one stays.This could cause problem for the child without one parent this causes loneliness tears and hatred to other people.Another thing is There is a way to let illegal immigration stay but only if they only paying taxes,paying a penalty,learning English and more.These people would sacrifice that to live here in the USA.When more immigration comes here they have to have no crime record and a green card.

All of this is hard to do and i know even though i'm a kid.there always story of someone getting taken or kids remember the event of one or more persons get taken away from their family. But i have one story that a lot of people have common and this is bad for us here it is the story.{ I have been apart from my wife and kids for 4 years now. I got a letter from NVC long time ago says that my visa was approved but they asked for someone to sponsor me. Sometime I ask myself is the US of America is still on planet earth. If I start walking it’s not going to take all this time to see my wife and my son for the first time. Maybe it is because my name is Mohamed & I am Muslim. If that the problem I am ready to change my name & religion if that will help me to see my family. I always imagine that moment of us together and that moment of me seeing my son for the first time. I really feel powerless that I just can’t do anything about this and I really hate myself about how powerless I am.”}


Kasserine, Tunisia-North Africa

People always have their problem because there not from that country and that cause people not having good jobs or can't even get the job just cause there from somewhere else.Mr or Mrs persentent please help them and lot of poeple cant live like this remeber this is amererca we chages thing to bring poeple together not a way.  

Classen School of Advanced Studies

Classen SAS 8th Grade English

Students from Ms. Sutton's 8th grade English classes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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