Heaven b. Indiana


People come to the U.S. for a better life, not to be sent back.

Dear Future President, 

          My name is Heaven Byrley.  My class has been talking about and watching part of the debates. Many people including me are concerned about Trump building a wall on the boarder to Mexico. The U.S. population will go down if he does build the wall.

         My opinion on the issues is that Trump should not build a wall. If a family member of someone's wants to come to the U.S. they wouldn't be able to and people would leave. To be honest building a wall is pretty dumb. He would be using our resources which could make us low on resources. Also, the U.S. Is supposed to let who wants in, in. Not keep who wants in out or keeping them out. We should keep them in not keep them out!

        Other people may be concerned because they wouldn't be able to see family or friends. Kids and some adults are afraid of being deported back to Mexico. People from Mexico probably came here for a better life, but Trump wants to spend them back! They don't want to leave. They like it here!


                                                               Heaven Byrley

                                                             From Indiana