Daisy R. California


Help stop the deportation of families

Dear next president,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for your victory, we hope you use this position to the best of your abilities. As we all know there are many problems in the U.S, many in which need to be addressed. One of the problems I feel you should take first thing into office is the deportation of undocumented people. Deportation is bad not only because it is crushing people’s dreams but it is separating families. It is leaving children in foster homes, depressed missing their parents. We can't allow this, people who come here don't come to ruin this country as people think , but come to here to pursue the American dream.

Deportation is the worst thing that could happen to an undocumented person because it takes their ability to pursue their dreams. Most of the people who come into this country illegally come with the intention of a better life or future. People come seeking the American dream. According to Global citizen, people migrate to our country for various reasons. Immigrants migrate to escape violence, poverty, bad education in their country, and or to seek better opportunities for their children. Parents want what’s best for their children. They want to give their children the opportunity of an education and achieving a career. ABC News reported that President Obama deported 2.5 million people through 2009-2015. His goal was to prioritize the deportation of criminals and not families. "Felons, not families. Criminals, not children. Gang members, not a mom who’s working hard to provide for her kids. We’ll prioritize, just like law enforcement does every day," Obama said in November 2014 when announcing his executive action on immigration.

Even though his main focus was to deport criminals, undocumented parents were still being deported , separated from their children. According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement 72,410, individual parents were deported. Not only that but Gretchen from PBS reported that at least 5,100 kids in 22 states are currently in foster care and its numbers is expected to rise up to 15,000 kids in five years. This disrupts the child in many ways. Studies have shown that kids develop behavioral problems when they are separated from their parents. They have difficulties concentrating in class and develop anger issues. I can personally relate to this, even though I;ve never had a relative deported I come from a family in which whom ancestors migrated. They came to this country seeking a better future for their family. I don't know what would have been of me if any of my parents were deported.

People who are against immigration think that all undocumented people should be deported especially those who have children since they are only living off the government. People argue that immigrants only take U.S citizen jobs. In fact, Rasmussen Reports conducted a survey in which they found 51 percent of Americans believe they are competing for jobs against immigrants living in the country without work permits. Less than 40 percent disagreed, and about 11 percent weren't sure, according to the poll. The truth is that new migrates fill labor shortages, self-employed immigrants create new jobs, and by raising demand immigrants cause firms to expand and hire more workers.People argue that immigrants are only here living off Welfare. Not all immigrants are living off welfare if they are it's because they can't financially provide for their family. With low paying jobs it's impossible to even keep yourself financially stable.

The solution to this problem is easy, stop the deportation of undocumented parents with US citizen children! We need to give citizenship to undocumented parents who have US citizen children to prevent them from ever being separated from their child. During Obama’s presidency a program was established, DAPA ( deferred action for parental accountability). DAPA meant that for 3 years you were granted a work permit and could not be deported for that period. This was the great plan until June 23 when the supreme court reached a 4-4 vote split so the executive action was killed. Please as the president of the United States bring this reform back, this is was great because parents were able to stay in the country without having the fear of being deported. Before doing any more deportations we must stop and think, are we going to separate a family, are we going to oppress the foreign people’s chances of accomplishing the American Dream.