Giselle Domingo Tennessee

Gun Control

In America, gun control has been an issue that has caused a lot of trauma to the nation from small injuries to catastrophic deaths. The issue of gun control has remained controversial for a vast amount of time and need to be taken into affect.

Dear Future President,

I would first of all like to congratulate you on winning the White House and wish you good luck in the next four years. As president I am sure that you will be facing a lot of new and old issues. One issue that I would like to address in this letter would have to be gun control. Gun control is a very popular topic as it can be seen in numerous news scandals and the protests against gun control and will most likely be taken into discussion in the White House. The gun control issue is important because this issue has always been brought up and there is still no definite solution because in every direction that this issue is approached there is always another complication that would need to be resolved. For instance, background checks have be always been implemented but have resulted as flawed and in some cases inaccurate as stated, “They were able to purchase firearms “using counterfeit driver’s licenses with fictitious identifiers” every time they tried to buy a firearm from a gun dealer—in other words, they were successful 100 percent of the time.[vi]” Background checks have clearly failed in the past if is weapons were easily accessed by someone who has served time in prison. Personally I believe that banning firearms is something that would lead to an outrage because first of all how is it expected to retrieve all firearms and what would grantee that firearms would stay out of the country. This is totally unnecessary and should find other methods to go around this issue. Most citizens have firearms for protection because there is that lack of trust within their own local department. As stated, “The Attorney General convened a call with U.S. Attorneys around the country to direct federal prosecutors to continue to focus on smart and effective enforcement of our gun laws.” As a result I would suggest as a way to approach towards this issue would be to embrace the local departments and have more specific background checks. While people would argue that investigating their background would be an invasion of privacy. But by having more concentrated background check and a stronger local department there will at least be a more safe feeling environment that would not require weapons as much as it use to.

Overall, gun control has been a problem that has been put to the side and needs a well planned solution . And in making a step forward in gun control, society will be able to feel more secure and there will be no need for banning of firearms. All in all, gun control should be taken care of by a responsible person, as yourself, congratulations as president.


Giselle Domingo Diaz

STEM Prep High School

STEM Prep High School: Nashville

The Graduating Class of 2024.

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