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Climate Change

There is a problem that is coming in the future and it is affecting coastal cities. Climate change causes sea levels to rise.

Dear Mr/Ms. President,

My name is Axel Moreno- Ahuet and I would like to say congratulations. You have worked so hard to get to control the United States. There will be new advancements in the late 2010s, early 2020s. I hope you will help everyone be prepared for the future. We as a society will need to move on with discrimination and violence. This just needs to end because this a really dumb ideology. However, there is a problem that the United States need to be warned which is climate change. The rising temperatures are rising the amount of land droughts and wildfires each year.

The sea levels will cause devastation in cities in the later future and by then the cities will be highly populated. There are 25 million people that live in coastal cities. For example, according to the article “As U.S. Coastal Cities Swell, Rising Seas Threaten Millions” by John Upton the table “Counties Vulnerable Rising shows that Miami- Dade County,FL shows there would be a 3ft sea level rise but only 231,000 people would have homes that would be underwater. However, if it was a 6ft sea level rise it would go to 2,000,000 people that would be affected. Because of the sea levels, a solution you would put into action is to establish barriers that protects the cities from the water and flooding. If the solution of putting barriers doesn’t happen, the significance is the people would become traumatized and without homes, but only an unintelligent and irresponsible person would cause this. You are now in charge for the well-being of this great and majestic country. You are in charge of making America become a strong economy. Additionally, in the article “The number displaced could balloon to 13.1 million if seas rise 5.9 feet (1.8 meters.)”, the rising sea levels could force a whole city to evacuate out of coastal cities causing to lose homes people have worked for a long time. Additionally, this would cause an increase in population of inner cities that are away from the sea. Some cities like Nashville, TN is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States because of people having fear of their homes being flooded and becoming in danger.

Furthermore, the amount of drought in the southwest is extreme and this impacts the agriculture and this is where we get most of our food products. For instance, in the article “ Climate Impacts in the Southwest”, the article says, “Projected increases in drought, wildfire, invasive species, and pests, as well as changes in the geographic ranges of species, will likely threaten native forests and other ecosystems in the Southwest”. This shows that the wildfires will decrease space for animals causing them to enter the cities frightening people. A solution is to use energy cars that don’t release carbon dioxide. Additionally, in the same article, the text discusses about the way the snowpack in the mountains of the Southwest has been decreasing This limits the amount of water the sanitation and drinking water. “ Maximum streamflow has also occurred earlier in the year and total yearly streamflow has decreased in the last decade. In April 2015, California snowpack held only 5% of the water it typically holds at this time of year, with some areas having no snowpack”. Because of the rising temperatures, this decreases the water supply. A solution is to use electric cars to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide and to change the source of energy that is utilized. A great way to reduce and change the source of energy would be solar energy through the solar panels to power homes. The sun is a better energy source because it is renewable and clean. I recommend to stop wasting coal and natural gas because the United States might need the sources if we can’t make power.

Consequently, the issues will affect the future and the environment. For example, the rising levels can devastate not only coastal cities but the capital of the United States, which is Washington, DC since the capital is close to the ocean. Additionally, the southwest can be impacted because people receive water from reservoirs, dams, and snow on mountains. The melting snow limits the access to clean, safe drinking water. In all, climate change has affected the United States and the conditions can become worse as humans go into the early 2020s.


Axel Moreno- Ahuet

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This what New York City might look like in 2100. 

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