Devin H. Tennessee

Women and Minority's Pay

Women deserve equal pay for all their work and contribution.

Dear Next President of the United States:

On the day of July 4, 1776, The United States became its own independent country founded on the concepts of everyone being equal in all aspects of life both public and private, and no matter what everyone is provided the same opportunities to be successful. However, even to this day these concepts still are not completely followed, and seem to just be tossed aside. In the United States, women continue to be paid substantially less than men. The specific value margin at which women are being paid less is by 21% which in terms of paper money means for every one dollar a man makes, a woman is paid seventy-nine cents. This may seem like a small money difference, but when taken in proportion while a man makes $50,000 dollars a year, the woman would make $39,500 dollars a year. It is a vast difference of $10,500 dollars that could make or break a person’s career, and the percentage of pay drops even further as a women minority. A black woman is paid less by 31% which equals to $34,500 dollars a year, and hispanic women are paid less by 43% which equals to $28,500 dollars a year.

Women’s pay is an issue that needs to be fixed for the future of our country because the sight of women not making as much as men reflects an idea in the minds of females that the United States does not value or appreciate women as much as men. This thought process could lead to women having distrusts in the US economy since women are not provided the an equal opportunity for success. A solution to this issue should be easy, as the only thing that needs to be done is give women the same amount of pay as men. This solution is very basic because the issue of women pay should be easily fixable, as the new president it should take priority to ensure that women can feel not only appreciated, but also accepted by the country that they live in. This will work because women have been fighting for their success and opportunities for many years, so even if it is by a single step at a time women do deserve to be accepted.

Overall, most of the US population consists of women in a ratio of 51% to 49%, so if women make up most of our nation why shouldn’t they be treated as if they are significant to what makes America--America. Women and men make up America so treat them equally in all aspects, and as the president you should make sure that there is equality for both genders and minorities, and can begin this by fixing the economy.

Sincerely, Devin H.