Geovany California


We deserve more classes that can help us once we are independent. More classes that teach us about government, politics, life skills and managing money.

Dear Future president,

School teaches us stuff like two plus two equals four, and that Christopher Columbus found the Americas, but will that help us after high school? More high school students know the periodic table than how to balance a checkbook. What schools need are more classes that involve government, economics, and skills for life after high school. Not every teenager is privileged enough to go to college, and often times they need to get a job right after high school in order to support themselves, but how can someone support themselves without the basics of life?

The school funding is crap. We don’t receive what we really did for life. Are school districts expecting us to know how to do taxes? Where are we supposed to learn this, School Leaders, at home? What is the district doing to our future? We are the future of the world and we don’t know the basics for everyday living. We need more life skill classes than educational. The reason for this is, how can we manage to become individuals and independent americans? The school is our is our key so we can become the future.

The educational system is preparing us for college, but why not life? Where are we supposed to learn how to manage our money? Many students don’t know how to manage their money once they’re off to college. They end up in debt and drop out of school for this reason. How can we prevent this from ever happening again? We need more classes that involve how to manage money, do taxes, take out a loan, cook, be a family. We as your future deserve more than is given to us. We are the change to this world.