Gracie K. Tennessee

College Entry Exams

In my letter I explain the harm of college exams and why they should be used in moderation.

November 4, 2016

Dear Future President, 

I would like to speak to you about college admissions. I believe that the constant expectations being placed on students are harming their overall education. Young adults a constantly stressed, neglected, and pressured. College entrance exams effectively display test taking skills but fail to show knowledge depth.

Moreover, studies have shown that SAT scores are at a record low and continue to drop. Educators fail to thoroughly explain material as test preparation is thought to be more important. The “No Child Left Behind” Act has forced teachers to pass unprepared students without a clear understanding of the skills previously taught. To continue, students are repeatedly told their future is determined by a single test. As a result students gravitate to extreme measures--measures to salvage their future, such as cheating. The Chinese are already experiencing this issue and have threatened to imprison any students who are caught in the act. Americans do not want to be like China. We want future generations to be responsible and knowledgeable. The future of our country depends on the education of the people, not their ability to pass an exam.

By limiting the impossible expectations placed on students, you will be securing the successful future of America. I believe young adults will become confident, determined, and thoroughly educated. Thank you, future President.

Respectfully, Gracie K.

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