Dannhi N. Kentucky

Education for The Next Generation

Education is a big problem for today's generation and many young people do not get the education they need.

Dear Future President,

I would like to state for a fact that many young children and people out there need an education. I feel like today’s schools are not updated and also don’t have enough technology. I hope for the generation and the future generations to come will get state of the art schools. Education also provides us knowledge. I hope to see in the future that you will update our schools and give Americans the education they need.

The quality of schools is one important thing that should be fixed. Some schools don’t have good bathrooms, lunches, technology, etc. I believe that this should be fixed. Without these things, we wouldn’t have good schools. Students won’t be able to get a good education as well. In my opinion, my school hasn’t been getting very good lunches. Sometimes there is chicken with fat left in it, oily pizza, etc. Without good technology, students would not be able to have access to tools they need for their learning as well.

Students and their families also don’t have enough money to afford a school sometimes. I would like you to change school’s tuition to an affordable cost . It would benefit many willing students and help them get a good education. It would also benefit many people that are homeless, poor, or just trying to get into a good school but, don’t have the money to afford it. Our society would also be better if everyone was educated as well and no debt.

Early childhood education is also important as well. About half of the 3 and 4 year olds in America attend preschool. I also want for all of the young children to attend preschool or get child early education. There is a very high cost for early child education unfortunately as well. I hope that you will lower the cost of this to make early child education unaffordable.

I hope that you can make education great again. I hope school is once again affordable and the people of America can finally learn again. The people of America yearn for good quality school and I hope that you can make this happen as well. Early childhood education is also important for the next generation. I hope that you can make our education once again great.


Dannhi N.