Matthew Maryland

Space Exploration The Future Of Humanity

We need to increase funding into space exploration ,as it is the future of not just the USA but humanity itself.

Dear Mr/Mrs President to whoever wins the race.

First off I would like to congratulate you on being the new elected president of the great United States. Also I am a sophomore high school student in Baltimore County Maryland But we have a problem here. This problem effects me since im into astromomy. This doesn’t just affects the United States but it effects the entire human race. It effects multiple generations future’s. This is the problem of space exploration and how space exploration is under invested in.

Now lets start off with a frightning fact according to JPL (Jet Propultion Laboratory) there is a 1 in 15 chance of an astroid(astroid 2010 RF12) hitting earth in the next 100 years. If an astroids hits it would be an extreme catastrophe (depending on size and impact speed). It will kill many people depending were it hits. A catosrophic astroid impact would also most likely crash the world’s stock market, many countrys their economys will crash, and loss of countless lives. But in all honesty this is why we should invest more in space exploration, this is so we can redirect these catastropic astroids. Saving lives is something America has always done in the country and around the world. So why should we stop helping now.

Another reason why we shold invest in more in space exploration is that we need to colonize other planets and moons. Did u know that according to the youtube channel Kurzgesagt its estimated that earth can only support around 10 billion people. Also it is possible to change a planets environment and make it habitable a.k.a terraforming. So in order to keep expanding the human race and for us to thrive we need to expand and colonize other planets and moons.If not the earth will get overpopulated then it be hard to thrive.

Since you need money to fund space exploration, it can pay partially for it’s self. How it might pay for itself you may ask. Well you can mine astroids for resources. Some astroids are extreamlly rich in precious metals like gold, platinum, silver etc. Some astroids are rich in carbon some have water. Mining astroids for water would also help reduce price since it cost tens of thousands of dollars to send a single gallon of water to space.

So Mr/Mrs President for whoever wins the election will you just not help the United States but all of humanity. So please increase funding into space exploration. This is just not our future but our kids and their kids future. This is something the world could get around and focus on. We need to secure America’s and the worlds future. So will you increase funding in space exploration. Will you help humanity and the future. Im gonna finish off by saying eveynight that I use my telescope to look up at the beautiful night sky I wonder whats out there. Mr/Mrs president I think its about time to find out.

By Matthew, Baltimore County ,MD

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