Kimmy B. Texas

Child Vaccinations

Vaccinations protect children from illnesses.

Dear future president of the United States,

Vaccinations for Children

The future of America is dependent on the children. The younger generation will grow to support this nation, but sickness can burst, like a wild fire into a child’s life. Sickness takes away our innocent children. Sickness alters the way a family functions. Your policies should initiate mandatory vaccinations for schools, maintain the funding for vaccination research, and eradicate the harmful diseases at last.

Education plays a very important role in today’s society. Many kids flood the hallways were diseases can be spread. Measles is a very contagious disease, but many parents choose not to vaccinate their child. One argument against vaccinations for children is the stress. Parents have to drive their children to be injected with a serum. Luckily, there is a shot that prevents multiple childhood illnesses. “Children who get both vaccines at the right age are considered “protected for life,” she said.” (Five Babies) Some parents believe that the vaccines cause autism and a weakened immune system. On the other hand, vaccinations are against their religion. The vaccination process could be difficult to execute. With mandatory vaccinations, there will be controversies with religion. As stated in the first amendment, all people obtain the right of freedom of religion. Schools may have to make exceptions, for religion, but schools with more vaccine requirements could be healthier. “As of Aug. 22, 2014, all 50 states and DC require vaccinations for diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis; polio; and measles and rubella (49 states and DC also require mumps vaccination).” (State-by-State) As the number of non-vaccinated offspring increase, diseases can be spread to more unprotected children. Schools would be a gold mine of sicknesses. Through mandatory vaccinations, schools can focus on education rather than absences and diseases.

Vaccination research has improved the lives of humans. In history, diseases like smallpox and polio caused millions to perish. Now, with advanced technology and vaccinations, those diseases are exterminated. Those common fears were turned into a controllable situation.“People look down on cancer vaccines because of the low efficacy or lack of efficacy that has been seen so far,” he says.But the news isn’t all bad, he notes. There are some examples of success, and scientists are beginning to understand what works and what doesn’t.” (Tontonoz) If the technology in vaccines advances, children and adults could be protected from cancer. Possibly cancer could someday be eradicated. Children wouldn’t have to undergo a painstaking sickness in their youth.

Abolition of life-threatening diseases would make the earth safer and healthier for children of all ages. Many vaccine-preventable illnesses are on the verge of eradication. “There used to be about 60 annual cases of measles in the U.S. But so far this year, 159 cases of measles have been reported. Most of this year’s infections stemmed from three different outbreaks: 58 cases in New York City, 23 cases in North Carolina, and 21 cases in Texas. CDC officials note that all of those areas are home to communities where many people don’t vaccinate their children for religious reasons.” (Culp-Ressler) The belief of anti-vaccination is stopping the extermination of measles. Humankind has disagreed since the beginning. With religious reasons, it’s difficult to vaccinate the majority of the population. Some vaccines contain prevention of multiple diseases. If the vaccine was given as a young child, the child is mostly likely to never develop the sickness. With one shot, a child could be safe from common illnesses.

Vaccinations for children save lives. Children don’t deserve to worry about their last day on earth or pain. Children are like plants. If taken well care of, it can grow and produce crops. If neglected, it can shrivel and rot. The choice is yours to protect or neglect a child. Through mandatory vaccinations for schools, advances in vaccination research, and demolishing the leftover diseases, America’s children will enhance this nation. What will you choose?

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