Joshua B. Alabama

Euthanasia Rights

The terminal ill should have the right to have the choice to end their suffering.

Dear President,

Did you know that 55% of the terminally ill die in pain, when there could have been a way to end their suffering? If someone with a terminal illness is suffering and can’t do anything but sit and wait for their death, they should have the option to have a quick, painless, and dignified death which is euthanasia. 56% of doctors support euthanasia as a way for the terminally ill to end their suffering. Poor medicinal resources is something that causes people to call for euthanasia, so that’s a problem that should be addressed as well. If someone who is terminally ill is in so much pain that the medicines don’t work and they just want to end it, then euthanasia should definitely be an option.

If someone who is terminally ill and in a great deal of pain, no one would want to just watch them fade away and die while suffering. It wouldn’t be fair to the person with the illness for them to just have to suffer with no way to ease the pain. Although there is medicine that helps ease the pain, fairly often it barely helps ease their unbearable pain. Anyone with emotion and feeling knows that it’s not right for someone to just sit, suffer, and wait for death when they could have ending their suffering through euthanasia.

Euthanasia is a good idea because the terminally ill should have the right to end their extreme pain and suffering with dignity and no pain. Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a euthanasia activist, gave over 130 people the choice to end their suffering through euthanasia, and many people consider him a hero. Euthanasia should be legal in the U.S. because it’s good for the people suffering and it’s already legal in places like Belgium and Switzerland, where it’s not very common but people still have the choice, so it’s unlikely that a drastic number of people would ask for it on a daily basis. There should be more access to euthanasia drugs for patients with terminal illnesses.

Some would argue that euthanasia is against morals and the fact that doctors are supposed to above all keep the patient alive. It’s more fair to the patient to have the choice to end their life quickly and painlessly if they're terminally ill and in extreme pain. Others would argue some would step over the line and not give them the choice and euthanize them anyway. Although that's possible, only highly respected doctors who are known for their good judgment would be allowed to use euthanasia. Doctors should have to get a euthanasia license to perform the operation. I hope you make the right choice for the good of the United States.


Joshua Bozeman

Thompson Middle School


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