Heather F. Alabama

LGBT Adoption Rights

In many states it is illegal for LGBT couples to adopt. Many people (including myself) think that this needs to change. Let's take this to congress and change this.

Dear Future President,

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender adoption rights are one of the most important issues in this election today. Many people agree that Gays and Lesbians should have adoption rights but most do not. This issue is illegal in many states, such as, Florida. Please take this issue to congress so we can change this.

In my opinion, LGBT couples should be able to have adoption rights. Many studies have shown that kids raised by LGBT parents end up the same as kids raised by straight parents. (September 8, 2016) Studies have also shown that kids raised by lesbian couples do really well in arts and music. In GPA studies of kids raised by gay couples compared to straight couples they tend to be almost exactly the same.

Another reason that LGBT couples should be able to adopt is because they choose to be parents. Many straight couples accidentally have kids that they really do not want. LGBT parents show more love and care to kids because it is a miracle when they can have one. I ask you to please reconsider this law.

In my opinion LGBT couples are just as capable of parenting a child as straight couples are. They would do just as good of a job, if not better, than straight couples. Many people think that a child needs two straight parents to turn out okay but studies have proven that wrong. Studies have shown that kids with gay parents end up being more loved and more accepted than kids with straight parents. That is why, Mr. President, LGBT couples need to be allowed to adopt.


Heather F.

Oxford High School

2nd Period

11 grade Honors English

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