Mason C. Alabama


I think we should be more lax and open in our immigration policies.

Dear future president, 

Please consider creating an easier path to citizenship for immigrants. They come to America in search of a better life, and I don't think it's right to call ourselves "a city upon a hill" when we make it so difficult for people to come here. Immigrants have a lot to offer and they take on jobs that we Americans won't take. 

 In Alabama, anti-immigration laws have caused lower-middle class Latinos to flee the state, losing possibly millions of dollars in potential labor. Many communities, full of people that were eager to make a living, fled in fear of being labeled an immigrant. 

 Five years is too long for some people to wait to become naturalized, and there are so many people waiting for a better life in America. And in retrospect, I don't recall my own ancestors needing a green card to live in my country.