Jala C. Louisiana

Race, Health, Guns


Dear President,

America needs help and you have the power to change that. From schools to people. schools need more funding to help with books and printing paper and just the essentials for school in general. Schools don't have funding for books, and we have only class sets to almost everything. Helping schools eat healthy would be a start; instead of giving us mystery meat, give us cups of fruit and salads and other healthier tasty choices. Helping with college would be great. Kids my age are already stressing about student loans. My mother struggles with them, and I also think my brother will have to struggle too. I feel like i'm gonna go broke for trying to go to school and pay for everything that would be one less headache to worry about. Many kids are below poverty level and are trying to go to school but can't because they don't have the money to. Have more organization to keep kids out of trouble and focused on school.

Racial tension is a big deal to me. African American men and women have be under attack since 2014, being treated like chopped liver and not taken seriously. I feel as if African Americans are under attack because of the color of our skin. Over 400 years of fighting and the cycle is continuing. It's like the police have no remorse or respect for African Americans. I feel as if they don't realize they are killing our black mothers and fathers, and people are fed up with it. Giving the officer a slap on the wrist for taking someone's life, it's sad. If it was the other way around, 25 years to life would be their new name. What do you expect the mother to say to her children when they ask “where’s my daddy?” or “where's my brother?”. That's something for you to think about. You and only you have the power to change that.

And no assault rifles or weapons of mass destruction. People have taken over schools, jobs, and public places,by killing innocent people. I feel that building a wall is not the answer to any of our problems;.we all share this country and this earth. Half of us weren't even here first so to keep someone out of a country. I feel that everyone should have equal rights and should be able to be a citizen. Gun control would be nice, but i'm not saying take all guns away. Background checks on people before purchasing a gun, and if they refuse, no gun should be permitted to them. Have guns only for protection; that means no machine guns. Violence could stop with your power. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and hope you take what I have to say into consideration.