Gender Equality

Many women are underestimated of their abilities and skills and are often paid less than a salary of a man.

Dear Future President,

Many people included in the female population of the United States of America feel that they are judged or questioned of their authority or abilities in a set skill. They feel as if men have an advantage over them when applying for a job or political position which is today's society's preference of men to complete a certain task, duty, or job. Although a woman may have the same education as a man applying for a job with the same necessary skill sets, men in many cases are often preferred when chosen for a position. This is one of the major issues in our country that I fully support changing.

In earlier centuries, women were viewed as not qualified to work and were in turn often denied their education. They most commonly performed the housewife duties which included: cooking, cleaning, and raising the children of the household. Some women in this position felt useless and that they were not capable of high education jobs such as a lawyer or doctor. They were often denied their education, in turn, preventing them from pursuing prestigious careers. Some today still feel like these women in the olden days who are not capable of receiving a higher level of education and pursuing ambitious careers. 

The equal protection clause, part of the fourteenth amendment, most clearly states that all citizens should have equal rights. Women are in fact protected in this clause as we should be treated as and paid the same as men. We are citizens too, aren't we?

The gender salary gap is a major issue in our country. Although it is gathered that women receive more college and graduate degrees than men, their salaries are still significantly lower than men. The gender gap is a considerably large one, being that women earn only eighty cents for every dollar a man makes despite having the same if not more education than the man. This presents an unfair situation discouraging women from working and pursuing high educations. Women in our country are noticing this and feel discouraged from applying for jobs because of this large pay gap of 20%. 

All I ask future president, is that this gap is closed, if not possible to be closed all the way then at least pulled to a more approximate amount where each party receives almost the same amount of salary. I realize that this is an issue that must be solved at the radical, but I believe that it should be considered to create a more equal country where women are encouraged to work and pursue higher education careers.