Aleeah B. Louisiana

Black Lives Matter

Suggestions for dealing with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Aleeah Brown

Dear Future President,

As the President of the United States there is no greater honor than to really make needed changes. As a young Black American student, I see many things that can and should have some positive changes. For Example, The Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter is a movement that i do not believe should be taken lightly; Black men, women and children are being gunned down. There are multiple videos from many different angles of these senseless crimes. It used to be black on black crimes that dominated the African American Culture. However, now there are Policemen in uniform who are committing these awful murders. The nation needs the President, as well as those who have the authority, to stand up and punish those who take the lives of Blacks and as well as Whites. I am not saying that all lives do not matter because every life matters! God gave life to all of us, but Black lives are not being appreciated nor they being treated as “equals”.

In closing this letter, I would like to dare you to really think about this issue. Ask yourself, who would you call for help if the police murder your child and there is no consequences or punishment for their actions? How would you feel? What would you say? Who should we call for help when we need it, when we are scared of the police too? I am sure this would be a nightmare for you just as it is for the parents, friends, siblings,and spouses of so many African American lives.