Carson Louisiana

My Right Shall Not Be Infringed

My Second Amendment right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

Mr President,

Our founding fathers with their vast wisdom wrote one of great pieces of literature know to man: our Constitution. Some articles were so important to them they placed them prominently in the front of the document. We know them as the Bill Of Rights. I am sure this is elementary to you, but what you seem not to know is these precious statements should be left alone including the Second Amendment.

Our right to bear arms is only trumped by our right to the freedom of religion, speech, and the freedom of the press. Our founding fathers  knew if our Second Amendment right was taken away then next would be our first amendment rights. Mr President do not infringe on our Second Amendment rights.

You may say look at all of the "gun violence that is happening in today's society." Mr President you and I both know violence has been in our society since Cain killed Abel. Is it the gun's fault? No. It is the person's fault. Should we outlaw knives because someone killed another with a knife? Should we outlaw forks and spoons when someone overweight dies of a heart attack? Of course not.

Mr President do not infringe on Americans' rights.

Delta Charter School

DCS World History

Delta Charter School World History class

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